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RHIZOMAN (Granular Soil Enriching Agent)

RHIZOMAN is a granular fertilizer contains all necessary micro, macro and trace elements required for the soil. It is made from the sea weed extracts, amino acids and other components that conditions the soil.


  • Increases available nutrients and improves nutrient uptake.
  • Stimulates root development.
  • Stimulates the growth and proliferation of beneficial soil organisms.
  • Aids in reducing soil compaction and promotes moisture retention.
  • Improves plant photosynthetic efficiency.

Mode of Action:

Physical Action

They physically modify the structure of the soil.

Improves the soil's water holding capacity.

Increase soil aeration and soil workability.

Helps maintain a more uniform soil temperature.

Chemical Action

Improves the uptake of minerals, nutrients and trace elements by plants.

Act as a buffer to neutralise alkaline and acidic soils.

Biological Action

Controls root nematodes and soil borne pests and diseases.

Target Crops:
Effective basal manure that can be used to control soil borne insects of crops like Paddy, Sugarcane, Cotton, Pulses, Vegetables, Oil seed crops, Spice crops, Plantation crops, Fruit crops and Floriculture.

Taget Application:
Meant to control soil borne insects. It also adds micro, macro, trace nutrients and other enzymes to the crop and there by increasing the yield of crops.

Dosage and Applications:
10 kgs/acre is to be given as a basal dressing. 2-3 dosages are required per crop/season. Apply early morning or late evening. Irrigate the land within 24 hours of application.

Available in packings of 1Kg, 5Kgs, 10kgs, 20kgs and 50 kgs.

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